Computer science youth students find ways to unblock YouTube at school during class

science-technologyOur youth is trained to find ways to get things done efficiently. Even if it means leveraging technology to do so. YouTube is the biggest online video site in the whole world. Just about everyone know about it. The majority of the viewers are comprised of young people. Its a top place to waste time or kill time. This might be why its usually always blocked in places of education like schools where they don’t want people to be distracted. However a group of kids recently discovered this great service that allows anyone at school to unblock youTube. The service is called Unblock Tunnel! There is also Free YouTube Proxy too! These types of proxy sites have been around for every. However it seems the have come back into the spot light lately. Not only that, but mobile youtube proxies are becoming really popular. There is no bigger drag than being on your cell phone but not being able to watch videos because you are on a public wifi hot spot that does not permit video streaming. More and more we are starting to see phone service plans with unlimited data. While this is great, its not always a given that you will have great signal quality. For this very reason the need for wifi will still exist. Eventually we will live in a world where all devices that are connected to the internet will all have their own dedicated data service much like a cellphone does today. When this becomes reality, teachers at school will certainly face a nightmare trying to get students to stay on task. For the time being though, systems administrators are school are blocking these sites just as fast as new ones are made. Its a constant game of cat and mouse if you ask me.